Oil-free Scroll-Compressors

Compressor airWin Scroll KC 5

Compressor airWin Scroll KC 5

Article number:  
Model name: AirWin Scroll KC 5
Tank size (fixed below):  
Number of cylinders:  
Intake volume: 410 l / min
Maximum pressure: max. 8 bar
Engine performance: 4 kW
Power supply: 400V / 50Hz
Weight without packaging 120 Kg
Noise : 63 dB(A)
Dimensions in mm:
685 x 535 x 760

Why did we choose oil-free scroll compressors?
1. Clean air
2. Low maintenance costs
3. Energy savings
4. Risk management
5. Quiet

Scroll Compressor

Applications: Hospitals, medical technology and research facilities (very quiet and medically pure compressed air)

This is a type of rotary compressor in which spiral walls engage with each other, each offset by 180 degrees. Depending on their capacity, they close off “crescent compression chambers” of different sizes and open them again in the next revolution. This is how the air is compressed.

The main features of this type of compressor are very low vibration and noise.  Our scroll element is made by ANEST IWATA in Japan. The manufacturer was the first to produce an oil-free scroll compressor.