airWin Easy-Medical Compressors

Oil-free, dry and clean compressed air for medical and laboratory use

Many medical applications require high-quality compressed air. Often it is essential to use very dry air. It is well known that dangerous bacteria may be active in humid air.

Our oil-free compressors are combined with drying systems to prevent bacterial growth in our oil-free compressors and protect expensive instruments from corrosion, deposits and other damage.

Our oil-free compressors are economical to operate and therefore environmentally friendly:

• Almost completely maintenance free

• Long service life

• User-friendly operation

• Quiet running and the large model includes engine management

• Our encapsulated compressors meet special requirements for sound insulation

• All containers have a plastic interior coating

Depending on the size of the system, our compressors meet the ISO 8573-1 standard for air quality up to class 1:3:1, making them ideal for sensitive laboratory applications.

Dry and clean compressed air • Thanks to efficient technology
airWin’s “M” membrane drying system deliversdry and clean air through a fully automatic process according to ISO 8573-1. The dried air is stored in the pressure vessel.
Our membrane dryers are impressive because of the following features:
Energy effective blowing air consumption, 100% continuous operation.
Standard pressure dew point suppression by 30-35 Kelvin.
A water separator with integrated automatic condensate drain ensures safe drainage of the condensate (liquids).