Clean compressed air

Oil-free = 100% pure compressed air that meets the strictest quality standards.

Pure compressed air is crucial for many applications in the industrial, chemical and medical sectors, where even the smallest amount of oil can render products unusable, cause medical incompatibilities or damage production equipment.

“One drop of oil can contaminate about 1000 liters of water”. What does that actually mean?

Mineral oils, unlike vegetable oils, contain a cocktail of toxic substances, especially aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene and its derivatives) and chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs). If these substances get into the water, they can dissolve into it in trace amounts. The dangerous thing is:

1. They degrade slowly and damage the microbes living in the water, thereby destroying the self-cleansing capacilities of the water, e.g. in the biological purification stage of a sewage treatment plant.

2.     They make drinking water unpotable even if present in trace amounts, as they can be deposited (accumulate) in the human body and cause serious problems as a result of poisoning over a long period of time.


That’s why: Waste oil is considered hazardous waste and can only be reprocessed under certain conditions.

We try to avoid hazardous waste in compressed air generation right from the start.
 airWin compressors offer you a wide range of oil-free compressor technology options, each of which provides you with a reliable, high-quality source of compressed air.