airWin UG

All of the founders of airWin have been active in the compressed air industry for many years.
We met one another years ago during a joint business trip abroad and established a business relationship built on trust right from the start. 
The idea of producing our own range of oil-free compressors came to us very early on. Currently, the manufacturing market for oil-free compressors is dominated by very large international manufacturers. 
However, customer experiences with these large manufacturers have generally been negative. Their goal is to sell in huge quantities, as this is the only way to achieve low manufacturing costs. 
We were amazed that these manufacturers offered us unit prices as low as €25. It is not hard to imagine what you might expect if you have a technical problem. We are not interested in delivering the cheapest compressor. We want a sustainable product, and we know our customers feel the same way, especially when it comes to oil-free, environmentally friendly compressors. This view is what drives everything we do. 
We try to combine the robustness and quality of a German manufacturer with the advantages of outsourced manufacturing. These factors alone make us more expensive than the competition, but our compressors last longer than others, which usually fail shortly after they reach the end of their warranty – in fact, they were designed to do so.
 That was one of the reasons we started our company. In contrast to the trend towards the cheapest product possible, we want to produce small quantities that last 100% longer than what is otherwise available on the market. This requires careful and detailed equipment planning. For example, for our scroll compressors we are very proud to have found a top manufacturer from Japan that could meet all of our requirements.Japanese mechanical engineering fulfills the same standards as German engineering in many respects.All we have to do is add the casing and we have an absolute top product to place on the market, at an attractive price. 
These are just some of the small ideas that we have implemented here at airWin so far.
In the future, our goal is to be a manufacturer that already knows how to deliver a product that better than what the market 


Managing Directors:
Dipl. – Ing. Jürgen Schmitz
Dipl. – Ök. Valdimir Agkatsev